Apple’s iPad Outruns Laptops in terms of Sales

iPad 2

Recently, a research conducted on notebook sales, brought out some surprising results. It revealed that, not only has the iPad earned a big chunk of sales compared to notebooks, but has also won Apple, the largest computer seller title.

Reported by GigaOM, Chris Whitmore of Deutsche Bank is the man behind the research who checked on notebook sales records starting from 2008, which listed HP on top amongst computer manufacturers; whereas Apple was at the bottom. But, tables turned starting from the 2nd quarter of 2011.

Taking into consideration the iPad sales in quarter 2 of 2011, Whitmore says, Apple, all of a sudden, replaced HP as the largest computer seller in the world. His report affirms that other computer manufacturers have seen a major drop in their notebook sales, after the launch of iPad 2. It seems like the iPad will soon become an alternative to every day computers.

Stats on Apple’s current market share (due to iPad) have risen above 70%. While other computer giants are trying to fight their way back, in the market, by introducing their own line of multimedia tablets, Apple just isn’t ready to be replaced yet. And if we’re to follow Whitmore’s prediction, iPad not only poses threat to the tablet market, but also other fancy tech gadgets.

Other tech gurus believe Apple, along with iPad, will maintain this position for sometime while its rivals may step back when they come up with something that will challenge the iPad. DigiTimes presumes Apple’s market share will drop to 61% by the end of this year, selling 40 million iPads, in contrast to its projection of selling 61 million iPads.

Despite all the predictions regarding Apple’s future market share, there’s a fact that cannot be ignored: the iPad has, surely, stuffed Apple’s bank accounts- earning it breakthrough revenue of $6 million in the first quarter of 2011. Apple, for sure, is giving its rivals sleepless nights, making it more important for them to create something that can shake the iPad and bring it to the ground.

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