Apple launches Steve Jobs tribute page

It was an unfortunate tragedy for Apple to lose its co-founder, a person renowned throughout the world for his lust for growth and hunger to prove his vision which he saw many years ago, and rightfully did, Steve Jobs (1955-2011). To celebrate his achievements over the years, Apple launches a dedicated web page in this regard where millions of Apple fans and employees who admired the man behind the success of the company, pay tribute to his achievements.

On the day the site was launched, one could possibly imagine that if data was given a physical aspect, it would be like a small tin filled with sardines. Such was the case with the incoming messages on the tribute page.

Steve jobs lost a hard fought battle with his pancreatic cancer earlier this month at the age of 56. After he was pronounced dead, people stormed the social networks, tweeting and facebooking about his death. Steve Wozniak, another co founder of the company was also amongst the billions.

People admired his passion and innovativeness and creativity with which he touched the hearts and souls of many across the globe.

Apple has now designed a new tribute page for late Steve Jobs. In order to register their messages on Steve Jobs tribute page, users must email them to

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