Apple Suspends White MacBook all of a Sudden

White Macbook


While Apple has introduced a lot of hottest items recently, it is also reportedly going to suspend its white MacBook. Right after the company pronounced the release of latest MacBook Air and Mac Mini, the white MacBook can’t be found on Apple’s online store.  Nevertheless, the notebook that supported a 13-inch screen is available for $849 in Apple’s online stores.

However, up till now, Apple seems to shy away from elaborating the facts regarding the suspension of white MacBook and also made no comment when AllTechNews inquired about the same issue. But, currently, Apple has launched updated MacBook Air models supporting Intel Core i5 and Core i7 dual core processors. The MacBook Air is available for $999 minimum and the price is exactly what Apple’s white MacBook was worth.

However, the suspension of Apple’s white MacBook is a mystery, yet, to be resolved. The newest buzz is that Apple will be upgrading the white MacBook soon.

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