Arianeta Lite App Review

Arianeta Lite is an iDevice app that is solely aimed at young people and children because of its catchy and fun filled user-interface and cartoon figures that definitely are a source of attraction. The app is developed by Montondebits and houses loads of fun-filled features and customizable options.

Using Arianeta Lite app for iOS devices, users can dress-up virtual characters using a series of clothes having various templates. Apart from clothing, users can also modify and add stuff like hair, objects and facial features to their virtual characters.

The app has a very colorful and catchy interface and originally it’s a classic tale that has been brought to life by the developers. Arianeta and Jaumet are the female and male characters respectively whom you can dress up with the built-in wardrobe of the app.

The app also has a social networking touch to it; users can share their created clothing designs on Facebook and Twitter. Coming over to the details of wardrobe, there are a total of 20 different set of clothes that are available in 10 different shades of colors. Dressing up the characters is an easy job and you just have to drag-and-drop the clothes with your finger.

Good thing about Arianeta Lite app is that it’s free from any kind of ads and developers have ensured that the interface is having minimum clutter. You can’t change the face of the built-in characters but you can toy around with the wardrobe in any way you want.

The app has two versions, paid and a free one. In the paid version of the app, users can also change the face of the virtual characters and it is also having a larger options base as compared to the free version.

The application is available in 7 different languages and I think it is a perfect app for those iDevice users who want to remember the days when cutout dolls were a fancy thing. You can download Arianeta Lite for free from Apple App store or you can buy the paid version as well.

Pros: Appealing UI, Wardrobe Variety, Easy-to Navigate Items

Cons: Lack of Music, Inability to Change the Virtual Character Appearance

  • Title: Arianeta Lite
  • Price: Free
  • Seller: Montondebits
  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: April 29, 2011
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Rating: 4+



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4 comments on this post.
  1. Ervin:

    thanks for the reviews. I am especially moved by the social networking feature we have before us. Will surely love to check out the free version.

  2. Sam:

    That is really nice device in today’s era. I think it will definitely decrease the load of study from children ‘s mind and ease it through its various attractive features. I think it will also ease the busy life of the people. So, go for it…

  3. Yohana:

    This is really a cool gadget. Nowadays , children found it difficult to manage their time in a systematic manner. But now, I think that this device will definitely help them to manage their time and will also help them learn new things in a funny way.

  4. Arianeta:

    Hello Patricia!

    Thank you very much for the review you made of the APP.
    I would add that the payment APP will be updated every 3 months to go by adding accessories and facial features of each character.
    On the subject of music and also has an easy solution that lets you listen APP iPod music while you open the APP:)
    We hope to be improving gradually!

    Thanks for everything.
    A hug!

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