iPad 3 Rumored to be Released by Thanksgiving

Rumor Alert: Apple will release the iPad 3 as early as Thanksgiving

Uncertified tales, about the launch of the new iPad3, are starting up again, with a claim that the latest version of Apple’s much loved tablet might be making its debut by Thanksgiving.

Based on a recent story, published in Taiwan Economic News, business executives are suggesting that, according to their approximations, Apple will be launching the iPad 3, “by Thanksgiving or next year.”

According to sources, irrespective of whether the new edition is available to customers by the time this year’s holiday season comes around, many anticipate that Apple Inc. will be selling the iPad 3, at its current retail price; after which they will reduce the price of the iPad 2, in order to finish their inventory stock.

Labeling the Apple iPad 3, as a “threat” to other tablet manufacturing companies, the Taiwan Economic News directed attention towards the latest Transformer computer from Asustek, which may leave the iPad far behind in technology race. Acting as a substitute for both, a tablet and a laptop, the Transformer is expected to make its debut in the market, in October, considering the expectations of Apple, reducing the prices of the iPad 2 after revealing the iPad 3.

Based on information, provided by people well acquainted with Asustek’s idea, the Taiwan Economic News stated that the company is operating with suppliers in order to produce an innovative design, highly competitive against the iPad 3.

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  1. suhail:

    Hmm, I’ve heard Apple is going to announce iPhone 5 on September 7. No body knows what Apple is up to as they always seal things tight in lockers.

  2. john:

    im not sure if i should get the ipad 2 now or ipad3 in november

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