Much anticipated iPad 3 Features and Specs

The launch of iPad 2 was disappointing for a few, as it was not much different from iPad 1 besides the chic look. A lot of people have been talking about iPad 3 ever since iPad 2 was launched; a few sources have even revealed information regarding the features of this much anticipated smart tablet.

It is expected that the screen resolution of iPad 3 is going to be much higher; insiders claim that it will have resolution akin to real printed paper.  According to some sources, it will be as high as 2048 X 1536. In contrast to the Apple A5 chip, iPad 3 is going to incorporate a high tech Apple A6 chip which is going to enhance the memory and improve screen resolution as well. This gadget is also going to make a more effective use of the 4G network set up for iPhones make the streaming easier and faster.

According to some sources, the look isn`t going to change much and the focus is going to be specifically on the features of the gadget. This next generation gadget is definitely going to create hype for all the Apple fans.

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