What Does the Future Holds for MacBook 4?

If we consider the latest report on SemiAccurate and other tech sites, it is easy to realize that Apple is actually bringing dramatic changes to MacBooks, thus making it hard for us to predict what the next MacBook will offer.

The most eminent prediction can be “MacBook with ARM processor”. If we leave the details like display technology, interfaces etc. and stick to the basics, we can speculate that Apple will have to tailor its OS according to the new ARM processors.

Operating system: Either Apple can choose to customize Mac OS according to A series or it can upgrade its iOS and bring that to its laptop family. Bringing iPhone, iPad and then MacBooks under the same umbrella will strengthen the developer base for Apple and the dream of unlimited apps for the three could very well be realized. However, which one of these will Apple finally choose? Only time will tell.

Looks: In this case we are speculating on the basis of current trends only. If Apple decides to say good bye to clamshell design, most probably the new design won’t be called a laptop. It would either take the form of tablet or some variant of that. With or without keyboard, many adjustments will have to be made in OS to handle the new design.

Specifications: What we are speculating in specification is actually taken from Toshiba dynabook AZ, like having dual-core ARM (Nvidia) processor, a 10.1-inch display, Android etc. But, with the emergence of AMOLED displays, the playing field in this area is enormous.

Materials: Again more suppositions based on mere speculations. Apple might choose to use materials like carbon fiber or its variant in a bid to further reduce the weight of MacBook and add strength to its body.

Networking: 3G or even 4G technology can be incorporated in the future generations of MacBooks, since Apple already is considered a pioneer in bringing 4G technology to its mobile phones.

Battery Life: Apple A5 Arm coupled with iPad 2 technology can very well make Apple the pioneer in the really long battery time (several days or a week) category. Laptops do brag about batteries lasting all day but Apple can surpass this threshold.

What sort of product Apple launches will be clear in 12 to 18 months and these speculations might face the dust if Apple and Intel enter into a new contract. It is a possibility that by the time MacBook 4 is launched, Intel has also developed similar chips to compete with ARM and Apple might wait for that point instead of letting Intel loose and getting ARM on board.

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  1. Craig:

    “Macbook with ARM processor”, really a great fusion. I think Apple must go with the Mac OS. Regarding its looks, I don’t think there is any need to worry for. Apple always have something new for their customers. If it gets on well, I am sure that it will beat even laptops.

  2. Kiron:

    I think that MacBook certainly have a good future. They are going to be there for the long run. They have all kind of stuff which is going to help you a lot. I am also pleased with the features of the Macbook. Looking forward to have it by my side.

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