Will Intel Be successful with their Ultrabook Concept?

Consumer electronics giant Intel has recently announced in Computex Trade show, currently going on in Taiwan that they are planning to support a line of laptops category that will be called as Ultrabooks. This particular category of laptops will be having thin bodies and they will be powered by Intel CPU’s. Moreover, they will be boasting touch screens just like you find in a tablet and will have a price range of something near rather less than $1000.

Apparently this whole thing sounds like a plan by Intel to launch competition against Apple’s Macbook Air or Samsung series 9 laptops. With their claim of launching laptops with less than $1000 make them a premier line of machines. It is basically Intel’s second strike at promoting thinner and cheaper machines. Almost a year ago, Intel was frantically pushing the idea of CULVs or commonly called as consumer ultralow-voltage CPUs that would have eventually aided PC makers to launch thinner laptops in the market.  But unfortunately for Intel the idea didn’t pick up the heat because the performance was not so encouraging and battery life didn’t have any substantial boost. For example, Acer initially included CULV chips for their slim TimelineX series of laptops but later on they dropped these chips replacing them with full voltage ones.

It is by no doubt a truth that thin and slimmer laptops are always welcomed by many of the consumers, but I think Intel’s claim of that by 2012 these new concept Ultrabooks will be making 40 percent of the laptop market is a bit off-the-grid. But on the brighter side, when Netbooks initially hit the market they were more or less categorized as a sort of obscure category but after some time amidst a higher percentage of consumer demands they started picking up the momentum because of their small size and low cost design.

So the question is, whether Ultrabook will be the next face of laptop markets? Do let us know in comments, what do you think about it?

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  1. suhail:

    I’m sure, Intel will get some success. It is a first step in bringing slim and sophisticated laptops with enhanced battery life.

  2. Kahn:

    The ultrabook concept from the Intel is something different. we hardly see such innovative ideas from any company. Let’s see how people respond to it.

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