Twitter Modifies its Mobile Site for iPad users

Twitter's current mobile site for the iPad is getting an HTML5 upgrade.

The social networking website, Twitter, is improving its mobile website, in order to make it more user-friendly to iPad customers.

Announcing the news, about the innovative step by the company via a Tweet, Twitter has stated that it has future motives to introduce a HTML5 version of the website, especially for iPad users, within the next week.

Although, the company refrained from providing any further details, regarding the matter, TechCrunch provided a teaser of the new website interface. Exploiting the features of the HTML 5, the new website is designed with a double pane, modifying on the existing mobile website’s single-pane display.

Twitter was not very responsive when asked for comments, regarding the modification, by AllTechNews. The company’s spokesperson, Carolyn Penner, did, however, report that, “the HTML5 app provides a great option for people who prefer to use the browser over native apps. Its two-column view is consistent with the Twitter experience you’re used to (on, and it takes advantage of touch gestures and other device capabilities.”

Apart from accessing the mobile website, iPad owners can even view their tweets via numerous applications, such as Twitter’s own iOS app, Twitterific, TweetCaster and Echofon.

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