HP Veer – White (AT&T) Review

The HP Veer 4G is a smartphone with a good appearance and a handsome amount of features. However, the solid design of the HP Veer becomes an obstacle in the way of utility and a restriction to its appeal.

The Good and Bad Aspects of the Model

The good points about the HP Veer 4G are that it has a charming look and a solid design. Other than that WebOS enables one to excel in global search and multitasking. However, the poor aspects of the HP Veer take into account its small screen, a proprietary connector and a split adapter in order to use headphones and a sluggish AT&T 4G data speed.

Design and Features

The HP Veer has a small and appealing design with measures including a height of 3.31 inches, a width of 2.15 inches, a thickness of 0.59 inches and a weight of 3.63 ounces. The disadvantages of the small size and screen of the Veer outweigh its advantages. Although the phone can easily fit into your palm and also slip into your pocket but it restricts viewing the screen especially when web browsing. The HP Veer offers a slide-out QWERTY keyboard which is not very spacious but it definitely eases usability.

The HP Veer has a magnetic charger but the proprietary port in it will require you to keep a special cable with you all the time. The proprietary connector and the necessary headset adapter of the HP Veer make it less of a favorite purchase. Over the of head magnetic connector of the smartphone is the Power button; on the left corner is the volume rocker, a silent mode key above and a camera on the reverse side.

The HP Veer 4G consists of a good amount of features. The quad-band world phone consists of speed dial, speakerphone, airplane mode, conference calling, SMS and MMS. Other than that, HP Veer 4G includes GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, PDF viewer, to-do list, an alarm clock and a memo pad etc. The HP Veer has an internal memory of 8 GB out of which only around 6 GB is present for the user. Also, there are no expansion slot options in the HP Veer 4G. The HP Veer 4G has a 5 mega pixel camera which produces decent results but does not consist of flash or editing options.


The HP Veer is a good choice for those who are willing to compromise on the design just for the affordable price that it offers.


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