How to hack someone’s text messages without having their phone?

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Nothing is safe in this advanced world of technology. Any personal data you saved in your gadgets like smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, are not safe at all. A hacker can always hack your device and can track what you do. It is totally possible in this timeline.

Every password is hackable and can be cracked. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to stay safe online so that your personal data don’t get shared and spread. If any hacker thinks he will hack your data then definitely he can. This is the power of hacking in today’s world.

Here in this article, you are going to know about how to hack someone’s phone to read the text messages. It may look like an important or a difficult task to some extent but one thing is for sure it is a pretty easy task for the hackers. Iphones are considered to be the safest and most secure gadgets.

Hacking an iPhone is totally possible. You can even hack the iPhone to read the text messages by cracking and breaking the highest security.

How to hack someone’s text messages from another phone?


Hacking a smartphone can be done for many reasons. It may be because of some personal reasons or because of some professional purpose. To hack someone’s cell phone properly you need to follow some apps and guidance.

It’s impossible to do hacking if you don’t know the algorithm, coding, languages properly. Even after knowing these things, it requires extra hacking skills to launch the attack properly. Good news for you that there are some extremely good hacking apps available to do the work for you.

How to Hack into iPhone Text Messages?

Here is the hacking app that will perform the hack for you and give you the exact results you want. Currently, if you are thinking about how to hack someone’s text messages without having their phone then this is your best bet.


logo nexspy

It is the software that is widely used and very famous worldwide to perform good hacking. It is basically a parental controlled monitoring software that monitors the use of smartphones. In that way, the parents can stay relax and monitor the children about what they are doing, if it’s harmful to their kids or not. This software can also be used by employers to monitor and cheer their workers to work in a more productive way.

But nowadays the app can be used for the most important and demandable work that is hacking someone’s phone to read the text messages. The NEXSPY app is a spy app that helps to perform a good hack. Definitely, you want to hack text messages without access to phone then it is recommended to use the best spy app that is the Nexspy spy app.

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Using the NEXSPY app will give you a lot of personal information on your target. Here are things that the Nexspy app does.

Monitoring the call logs – the NEXSPY app can monitor the call logs of the target and it allows you to monitor the data too. You can monitor the call logs not only from mobile phones but also from some famous VoIP apps as well. It gives you detail information of every incoming and outgoing call. You can also check the address book and the call records with duration. You can even record the calls. It offers a special face time call record feature for iPhones and iPads where you can record the surroundings and listen later.

call monitoring

Reading text messages – using the app allows you to read every text message that is sent or received including the media. You can check the details with every message from the address book. This way the parents can keep a strong eye on their kid’s doings which is very useful in present-day situations. And this way you can perform the iPhone text message hack and check the text messages. You can read the SMS, iMessage, MMS, email and other text messages.


Reading all IMs – besides the SMS, MMS, and emails there are many third-party text messaging apps available like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Tinder, Instagram, etc. With the help of the NEXSPY app, you can read all of the text messages from these third-party apps with every detail like when the messages are sent and received and by whom.

im chat

Tracking location – the app helps to track the location of the target. That means you will be able to know where the person is going. You can even check the details of the address and check how much time the person is spending on a particular place. It is a great service for parental control as well as to perform the hack.


Monitoring internet activity – with the help of the app you can track every internet activity like browser history, monitoring the bookmarks, checking every Wi-Fi activity. You can track all of the online activities including the location.

internet activity

Viewing personal data – the spy app allows you to monitor and check every personal data stored on the phone. That means you will be able to view all of the media files that are saved on the phone. You can also check all of the apps that are installed.

media control

So without any doubt, it can be said that NEXSPY is an ideal option for parental control as well as to perform iPhone hack text message. The demand for the NEXSPY app is really high in today’s market. The good news is, the spy app is compatible with all of the popular OS like Android, IOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS.

There are many other alternatives that exist like TheTruthSpy, mSpy. But NEXSPY is different as it offers a wide range of services for best performance to deliver the best output.

So buy NEXSPY and perform the hack and track the activities even to the most secure iPhones. The target will never be able to know about it unless you tell the person. Comparing with all other spy apps, NEXSPY gives the best value for money services.