How to Solve Printer MP258 Error P07: Step-by-Step Guide

The Canon MP258 printer is a highly efficient and reliable device that has become an essential machine in many households and offices.

However, like most sophisticated technological devices, it is not immune to glitches and errors. One of the common issues that users encounter is the P07 error, which is also known as the “Ink absorber full” error.

This error is usually caused by a buildup of excess ink on the printer’s waste ink absorber pads, which can lead to malfunctioning or even damage to the device.

Understanding the underlying causes and the steps to resolve this error is essential in ensuring that the printer functions optimally and efficiently.

This article will provide in-depth insights into the MP258 error P07, including its causes, symptoms, and possible solutions.

Definition: Printer MP258 Error P07

Have you ever encountered an error message on your printer that’s confusing and frustrating? If you are a Canon MP258 printer user, you might have come across the error P07.

Printer MP258 error P07 is a common glitch that typically affects the Canon MP258 printer. It usually occurs when there’s a problem with the ink cartridges or when the printer’s ink absorber is full.

The error P07 is a sign that your printer needs to be fixed immediately.

When you get Printer MP258 error P07, the printer’s LED light will turn green and orange alternately. You’ll also hear a beeping sound, and the printer will stop printing.

This error can be quite frustrating, especially when you’re in the middle of printing an important document.

To fix Printer MP258 error P07, you need to understand the root cause of the problem. Here are some of the possible causes of this error:

Causes of Printer MP258 Error P07

  • Low ink levels: This is the most common cause of Printer MP258 error P07. When the ink levels in your printer are running low, it may trigger this error.
  • Clogged print head: If your printer’s print head is clogged, it can lead to ink leakage and trigger this error.
  • Ink absorber full: Canon MP258 printers have an ink absorber that collects any excess ink during the printing process. If the ink absorber is full, it can cause Printer MP258 error P07.
  • Incorrect placement of ink cartridges: If you have recently replaced your ink cartridges and placed them incorrectly, it can also lead to Printer MP258 error P07.

Now that you know the possible causes of Printer MP258 error P07, it’s time to learn how to fix it.

How to Fix Printer MP258 Error P07

How to Fix Printer MP258 Error P07
How to Fix Printer MP258 Error P07

Here are some steps that you can take to fix Printer MP258 error P07:

  • Check ink levels: Make sure that your ink cartridges have enough ink by checking the ink levels on your printer’s LCD screen. If the ink levels are low, it’s time to replace the cartridges.
  • Clean the print head: If the print head is clogged, you can clean it by using a soft cloth or cotton swab dipped in water. Gently wipe the print head and make sure that it’s dry before using it again.
  • Replace the ink absorber: If the ink absorber is full, you can replace it by opening the printer and locating the ink absorber. You can either replace it yourself or take it to a professional to fix it for you.
  • Proper placement of ink cartridges: If you have recently replaced your ink cartridges, make sure that they are placed correctly. Follow the instructions in your user manual to ensure that the cartridges are installed correctly.

If you’ve tried all these steps and the error P07 still persists, it’s best to take your printer to a professional technician. They can diagnose and fix the issue for you.

Printer MP258 error P07 can be frustrating, especially when you need to print important documents. However, it’s not something that you should worry about too much.

By understanding the causes and following the steps to fix it, you can get your printer back up and running in no time. Remember to always maintain your printer and keep it clean to avoid any future errors.

Causes of Printer MP258 Error P07

The Printer MP258 Error P07 is a common error among users of the Canon MP 258 printer and is caused by several factors.

Most users encounter this error message, several times whenever they try to print or scan documents. The error message P07 usually appears on the printer LED screen, manifesting just below the “Copy” button. Here are some common causes of Printer MP258 Error P07:

1. Ink Tank Not Installed Correctly or Empty Ink

One of the most common reasons for the Printer MP258 Error P07 is the installation of the ink tank incorrectly or empty ink cartridge.

Ensure that the ink tanks are appropriately installed in their corresponding colour slots, and they are aligned with the arrow pointing upwards.

Also, check the ink volume of each cartridge to ensure they are not empty or low. Filling or replacing empty or low ink cartridges can resolve the error message.

2. Waste Ink Absorber Full

Another cause of the Printer MP258 Error P07 is the waste ink absorber being full. The waste ink absorber pads are a measuring device used for capturing excess ink when the printer cleans its print heads.

Over time, these absorber pads, which are located underneath the print heads, become saturated with ink and need cleaning or replacement.

This results in the waste ink absorber pad getting full and producing the error message P07. A simple resolution is to reset the waste ink absorber counter by following the specific steps designated by the manufacturer or cleaning/replacing the waste ink absorber pads.

3. Faulty Mainboard

The mainboard or logic board is the component found at the heart of the printer. It is responsible for controlling all the machine’s functions, including scanning, printing, among others.

A faulty mainboard can cause the Printer MP258 Error P07. The error message indicates that the firmware of the printer cannot communicate appropriately with the hardware, leading to the system failing to work correctly.

To resolve this issue, the technician will need to examine the mainboard’s connectivity and functionality, then repair or replace it if necessary.

4. Cartridge Contact Problem

If there is a fault on the electrical contacts of the ink cartridges or its slot, the Printer MP258 Error P07 message is likely to display.

The electrical contacts work to transfer necessary data between the printer and cartridge. Any dirt, smudges or residues on the electrical contacts may prevent the proper communication between the printer and cartridge.

Clean the gold or copper contacts of the cartridge with a lint-free cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Ensure that the electrical contacts are free from dirt, smudges, or residues, and reinsert the ink cartridges for printing.

5. Ink Overflow

Ink overflow can be an unlikely cause of Printer MP258 Error P07. This condition usually arises when the printer is kept in an inclining position, particularly when it is not in use for an extended period.

The unused ink cartridges leak their ink into the ink absorber, which overflows, leading to the error message P07.

The remedy for this is to ensure that the printer is kept horizontally anytime it is not in use or when transporting it.

Also, avoid removing the ink cartridges while the printer is still on to prevent the ink from overflowing.

the Printer MP258 Error P07 is a common issue that usually occurs among users of the Canon MP258 printer. The above-listed triggers can cause the error message.

It is advisable to regularly maintain and clean the printer to reduce the chances of experiencing such a problem.

How to Fix Printer MP258 Error P07

How to Fix Printer MP258 Error P07
How to Fix Printer MP258 Error P07

Printer MP258 Error P07 is a common error that occurs when the ink absorber in the printer has reached its limit. This article will guide you through the steps needed to fix this error.

Step one: Reset the Printer

The first step in fixing printer MP258 Error P07 is to reset the printer.

To do this, turn off the printer and unplug it from the power source. Wait for at least 5 minutes before plugging it back in and turning it on again. This process will reset the printer’s ink absorber counter and may fix the error.

Step two: Clean the Ink Absorber

If resetting the printer doesn’t fix the error, the next step is to clean the ink absorber. The ink absorber is a sponge-like material located near the printing head that absorbs the excess ink during printing.

When this sponge is full, the error code P07 appears.

To clean the ink absorber, open the printer cover and look for the sponge. It will be located near the print head. Carefully remove the sponge and clean it with warm water.

Squeeze out any excess water and dry the sponge with a clean cloth. Once the sponge is completely dry, put it back in place and restart the printer. This should fix the error.

Step three: Replace the Ink Absorber

If cleaning the ink absorber doesn’t work, it may need to be replaced. You will need to purchase a new ink absorber and replace it yourself, or you can take it to a professional for replacement.

If you opt to replace the ink absorber yourself, make sure to follow the product manual carefully to avoid damaging your printer.

It’s important to note that replacing the ink absorber will void your printer’s warranty. Contact the printer manufacturer or an authorized repair center for more information.

Printer MP258 Error P07 can be frustrating but can easily be fixed with the above solutions. Resetting the printer, cleaning the ink absorber, and replacing the ink absorber are all effective methods to fix the error. Follow the steps carefully to avoid damaging your printer.

Tips to Avoid Printer MP258 Error P07

If you’re a frequent user of the Canon printer MP258 model, you may have encountered the dreaded P07 error.

This error occurs when the waste ink absorber of your printer becomes full, and the printer is unable to function correctly.

Luckily, you can avoid this issue entirely by following some simple tips that will keep your printer running smoothly.

Use Genuine Ink Cartridges

When you’re running low on ink, you might be tempted to save a few bucks by purchasing a cheaper, off-brand cartridge.

However, this can be incredibly harmful to your printer. Off-brand cartridges are often made with low-quality ink that can clog your printer’s nozzle and cause ink leakage, leading to the P07 error.

Therefore, it’s best to stick with genuine Canon ink cartridges, which have been specifically designed for your printer and guarantee excellent performance.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Like all machines, printers also require regular cleaning and maintenance to avoid blockages and malfunctions.

To prevent the accumulation of ink and dust in your printer, it’s essential to clean it regularly. You can do this by wiping the body of your printer and the cartridges with a dry cotton cloth.

Additionally, you may use a small brush or a soft, dry toothbrush to remove any particles that may have accumulated on the printer’s nozzle.

Avoid Overusing the Printer

If you frequently print large quantities of photos and documents, it can put considerable strain on your printer.

Overworking your printer increases the likelihood of hardware damage or blockages, leading to errors like P07. Therefore, it’s best to avoid overusing your printer.

Instead, print only when necessary and finish one print job before starting another to give your printer’s components time to cool down.

Replace the Waste Ink Absorber

If you’ve been using your printer for an extended period, it may be time to replace the waste ink absorber, which is responsible for absorbing excess ink during the printing process.

The absorber is a small sponge that can fill up after a few years of use. When it becomes full, it can cause the P07 error. You can avoid this issue by replacing the sponge with a new one.

This process requires technical knowledge, so it’s best to take your printer to a professional.

By following the tips mentioned above, you can keep your Canon MP258 printer running smoothly and avoid any P07 errors.

Remember to use genuine ink cartridges, regularly clean and maintain your printer, avoid overusing it, and replace the waste ink absorber when necessary.

By taking these measures, you’ll extend the lifespan of your printer and ensure that you can print without any issues.

Comparison of Printer MP258 Error P07 with Other Printer Errors

Printer errors can be frustrating, and MP258 error P07 is no exception. It can happen unexpectedly, and it’s essential to know what it means and how it compares with other printer errors.

Here are five subtopics that can help you understand the comparison:

1. Error P07 vs. Error 5100

Error P07 and Error 5100 are common in Canon printers. Error 5100 is caused by a carriage fault, while error P07 occurs when the ink absorber is full.

Error 5100 can be resolved by moving the printer carriage manually, while error P07 requires replacing or cleaning the ink absorber. However, both of the errors require a restart to reset the printer.

2. Error P07 vs. Error Code E05

Another error that can be confused with printer MP258 error P07 is Error Code E05. Error Code E05 is caused by an incorrectly installed or faulty ink cartridge.

In contrast, error P07 is caused by a full ink absorber, which needs to be cleaned or replaced. While Error Code E05 requires replacing the ink cartridge, Error P07 requires cleaning or replacing the ink absorber.

3. Error P07 vs. Error Code E08

Error Code E08 is another error that can be confused with P07. The error, like P07, indicates that the ink absorber is almost full.

However, instead of cleaning or replacing the ink absorber, Error Code E08 requires resetting the printer. Since both errors are ink absorber related, it’s essential to keep track of the printer’s ink usage.

4. Error P07 vs. Error Code E03

Error Code E03 indicates that the paper is jammed in your printer, while Error P07 indicates an ink absorber problem. With E03, you need to remove the paper carefully and ensure that no bits are left in the printer.

On the other hand, with error P07, you should clean or replace the ink absorber. It’s crucial to note that ignoring the printer E03 error can damage the printer, while error P07 can only affect print quality.

5. Error P07 vs. Error Code U162/U163

Error Code U162/U163 indicates that your printer lacks ink, has a damaged cartridge, or the cartridge needs to be changed.

Error code P07 is caused by a full ink absorber, which can be resolved by cleaning or replacing it. While U162/U163 requires replacing the ink cartridge, P07 requires cleaning or replacing the ink absorber.

It’s essential to note that if you replace the ink cartridge without cleaning the absorber, error P07 will recur immediately after replacing the ink cartridge.


Printer MP258 error P07 can be frustrating, especially when you don’t know what it means or how it compares to other printer errors.

Error P07 is ink absorber related, and it requires cleaning or replacing the ink absorber. While other printer errors such as E03, E05, E08, and U162/U163 are caused by different factors, they share some similarities with error P07.

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